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I can't remember when I first realized I had caught the travel bug, but I have a feeling my parents fed my adventure-loving soul when they took me on my first trip out of the country at only nine months old. Since then, I've always jumped at the opportunity to go explore, and I love that photography now gives me the chance to visit new places and see new sights.

One of my FAVORITE parts of being a photographer is how it has given me the chance to travel to so many incredible places. Sometimes that means foreign countries and big cities, but other times it means small towns tucked away in Iowa or your childhood home in middle of nowhere USA. And I truly love them all.

I love them all equally, because in getting to travel to the places YOU love, I get to see the cities/towns/countries that have shaped you and built your love story. And getting to visit your most cherished places on this earth is a privilege I don’t take lightly.

So thank you for inviting me into so many beautiful corners of the world to celebrate your love, sweet friends. Here’s to all the new adventures and new places to come

If you are interested in photos but are unsure about the distance, contact me and let's chat!


Your everyday love at its most romantic. I gently lead you through prompts and movement suggestions, not poses, providing some direction and giving you confidence, but ultimately showing who you are together at your most relaxed, natural (and in love).


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If you're looking for dreamy, romantic fine art imagery, but a well-organized and executed process, you're in luck. Let's schedule a consultation and see if we're the perfect fit!

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